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Notary Public and Lawyer Systems in Japan

You send original evidence, which is evidenced by the evidence office, for example city government. You are not up set.
Still, in case of a copy of original, how do you get proof that “This is to certify a copy of original evidence”?
You remember ‘Notary Public’.
You have two ways as bellow;

  ・a ‘notary public’ government office
  ・a private ‘notary public’ office entrusted by a national license

Koshonin Authorized Office

A 'notary public' government office

A 'notary public' government office is Kosho Yakuba in Japan.
Koshonin is stationed there. He is a senior notary public, a senior lawyer, a barrister and a government official.
Mostly he has more than thirty years experience as a judge of law courts in Japan.
He is appointed Koushow-nin by Japan government minister. He works for the national government.
He sighs and seals to certify. Fee is almost 5500 〜 15000 yen per paper.
You pay attention that he does not conduct ‘Notary Public’ of a copy of your passport.

A private 'notary public' office entrusted by a national license

Bengoshi office, Shihoshoshi office and Gyoseishoshi office conduct 'Notary Public'.
They are specialist of law. Japanese government gives them the national license of law category.

 Bengoshi is an excellent specialist of law.
 Usually Lawyer means Bengoshi for Japanese.
 He corresponds to barrister in England.

 Shihoshoshi is a great specialist of law.
 Often an association translates from Shihoshoshi to 'Shihoshoshi Lawyer'.
 He corresponds to a solicitor in England.
 Legal authorities of Shihoshoshi are restricted, as compared with them of Bengoshi.

 Gyoseishoshi is a familiar specialist of law.
 Often an association translates from Gyoseishoshi to 'Gyoseishoshi Lawyer'.
 He is an authorized administrative scribe as a public notary.
 Therefore he corresponds to a notary public in U.S.A.
 Legal authorities of Gyoseishoshi are restricted, as compared with them of Bengoshi.

 They sigh and seal to certify. Fee is almost 3000 〜 15000 yen per paper.
 If these descriptions help your problem, I am grad.

Japanese legal occupation system might be difficult. There are several specialists of law in Japan. They have different national license.
It might be better to choice a proper specialist of law with considering your purpose and budget about your problems.

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